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Photographer, music composer, creative director

I was originally born and raised in Paris, made by a Japanese mother and french father i am a Freelance Photographer inspired by travel, ecology, nature , people I meet, places I go and the spontaneous nature of photography.

My passion for capturing moments in time started over 11 years ago when I picked up my first 50mm film camera. I quickly grasped a good eye for detail to freeze the perfect memory in one photograph. You can find some of my favourites in my photography portfolio.

Over the years, I have continued to invest and experiment with different technology. From Drone to Modern Mirrorless Cameras, learning new techniques with each new piece of equipment helped build my solid understanding on what it takes to get the good shot.

Having travelled extensively and lived in various countries around the world I have an adaptable photography style and instinct that will find the beauty in all situations.

One of my drone footage with one of my song (Self Revolution)



“Tbla bla bla bla bla »